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No worries man, we can hit the high points pretty easy.

In the US, the influx of cheap Chinese clone guns drove down the cost of airsoft to the point where it was attractive and cheap to a very young demographic. Obviously new players is a good thing but only to a point, once it gets to the point where the vast majority of fields begin to get overrun with 12 year olds who are not inclined to call hits and act like, well... 12 year olds than it becomes harder to older players to tolerate which then drives out the guys who have both the means as well as the interest in putting together quality events. In essence, it is exactly the same problem as not getting new players because what you end up with is a retention problem for the players that you already have. Even the 12 year olds will eventually grow to be 16 year olds who get annoyed at playing with mobs of 12 year olds...

This means fewer in depth gaming experiences on the local level which means fewer opportunities to be exposed to Milsim in general which again means that in essence fewer players are "entering the sport".

You guys on the other hand are constrained by a myriad of bizarre rules and laws which drives up the cost of entering the sport and keeps your base player by default at a more serious level. This means that it is easier to keep people in the sport longer which allows them to grow both steadily better as well as get to a point when they themselves can choose to lead and drive change rather than be back among the mass of lemmings. You need only look at threads like this one here for an example:

Curse your silly airsoft laws all you want, I know I would if I was up there too, but let me assure you that ties that bind you keep you safe in ways you would not expect.

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