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Calling other's hits is tantamount to giving the lie, expect confrontation if you choose to let words do what BBs should.

Give your friend the benefit of the doubt and shoot him again.

No one is hit till they call hit.. shooting continues until the target calls hit. Armoured opponents are engaged where the armour is absent. That is just being polite, and helping your friend out.

if you hit someone and you know it.. but they don't and they turn and shoot you, you are dead.. because you failed to shoot that person well enough that they knew it. Trying to assign your failure onto another demonstrates a weak character.

it is not possible to shoot someone too much, as shooting stops when the target calls hit and that act is acknowledged by the ceasing of fire. If the person wished to be shot less, they should seek to call hit faster. Even before being shot at all if necessary.

Complaining about getting shot too much at an airsoft event is like complaining about getting wet at a swim meet.
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