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Great thread and very valid points. We're looking into as many solutions as possible to minimize non-shot calling at the new Mach1 Arena opening this November. (Sorry for the shameless plug)
For indoor gaming, good sight lines for Ref's, and minimal unnecessary clutter so shots can be clearly identified are some of things we can control. It's much more difficult in an outdoor bush environment. In the end, whether it's indoor or outdoors, it's incumbent on everyone participating to call their hits.
The most important guideline to follow: " When in doubt, call yourself out." You'll be back in action soon enough.

It's not like there is a million dollar cash prize for the last man standing.
If there is a million dollar cash prize however, then DO NOT call yourself out until a ref drags you out by the ear!!

As for confronting people or getting yourself all worked up, save it for a time and place when it is actually called for. Find a ref if it is an ongoing concern, and let cooler heads prevail.

Just my 2 cents. But if you guys have any other suggestions that would help make your experience at the new arena more enjoyable check out the Mach1 arena thread and post your suggestions there.
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