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thanks for the feed back.
I don't like the fact that I have to wear thin layer to play this game. I bought my jacket for fall/winter play cause it rains too much here.

I do think keep on shooting is a better choice, but went I was shooting at a guy about 10m away, I saw the BB deflect off his chest and he kept on going. I just kept shooting him but unfortunately one shot landed right in his face. He wasn't wearing any head protection besides the goggles. I saw that where that bb landed and stopped shooting, stood up and signaled with my hands that is he okay, he gave me a thumbs up so i assume he is fine. People with not enough protection is actually scary, i'm only here to have fun, not to intentionally injure someone.

I'm only wearing a jacket and T-shirt for my upper..the jacket is the condor summit. So it's not something that is too padded. I don't wear any padding other than knee pads. although my vest is ridiculously large, because I'm running 1 triple, double stack AK pouch and other pouches.
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