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It can happen to the best of us, it's pretty common while running as well. I've seen the most honest players not call a short range hit to their arms while running, well they honestly didn't feel it and didn't hear it.

That being said, you get better at this as you play, you'll start to know what sounds are hits. The first game I played with a camelbak I took a burst to it and had to think about it for a few seconds before I realized what actually got hit lol

But if you THINK you got hit, or even if it was a very good shot, just call it. Back when I had my bolt action rifle, I've had guys call hit from me hitting twigs just a foot infront of them. They weren't hit, it was technically a deflection, but by all means it would have been a kill shot.

As far as seeing where your BBs are going, I've been playing for 8 years and I still have trouble knowing if I hit people at even 100ft lol
My rule is, pretend you were shooting one of your good buddies. If you know beyond any doubt that you hit him and he didn't call it, are you prepared to potentially ruin your friend's airsoft career?

And as for people calling other people's hits. These guys are complete fucktards.
In 8 years, not ONE damn time have I EVER seen or even heard about a person calling their hit after someone has yelled "call your fucking hit!". Not once.
It doesn't help, it doesn't make anything better, and those kind of people are actually WRONG most of the time.
I've had the misfortune to play with a few of those guys over the years, they're either too blind to see their BBs are falling short, or they just don't trust anyone.
I've had a back and forth firefight in CQB with one of these guys, he swore he hit me 3 separate times, but I was dodging them just in the last 30ft. You could actually hear them hitting the metal roofing panels behind me -_-

Like everyone else here is saying:
-If someone on your team gets hit, and you know it, if they don't call it then ask them politely. You gotta help keep your team honest. Sometimes we just don't know we got hit.

-Admins are your friend, but they can only catch a guy cheating if you can describe him. Make mental notes, face mask, type of gun, camo, color of vest, build size.

-A lot of people will tell you to aim for face if someone is blatantly not calling hit. If they have a face mask, that's fine, but if they don't I think that's irresponsible of us as community leaders. I recommend you aim for a soft spot, like the thighs. But please don't be one of those people who fires half a mag into a guy's face for cheating, because:

-Once you set out to actively do someone harm with an airsoft gun, regardless of the reason ("That guy's cheating I'm gonna light his face up!" Or, "I hate that guy I'm gonna light his face up!"), if you break teeth, imbed BBs into skin, or get BBs past their glasses, that is now assault and potentially assault causing bodily harm. By contrast, dumping a mag into a guys thighs for cheating leaves "trifling", or "transient" damage (let's face it, paintball bruises are much worse), and that's acceptable, or at the very least you can dismiss it as a sporting incident.

We don't play to hurt, we play to have fun. If someone's preventing us from having fun, we ask them to leave, we don't commit assault.

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