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getting yelled at for not feeling bb hit?

I can't tell often a bb hit or not, because of the engagement distance and their rifles being not powerful enough to deliver that little pinch. So most of the time I rely on the sound that the BB makes by hitting on my clothe. My jacket is really good at protecting my torso because of the material it's made of. It literally deflects bbs without any pinch even at close range. (400+ would really feel it tho)

It's frustrating because I'm in a really good position to cover teammates, but we started yelling back and forth about being hit or not. Because i'm paying so much attention on that, I get distracted and hit by another person that I actually felt it or heard it :banghead:

tbh, most of the time when i shoot my bbs, I can't really tell if I hit or not. I barely can see the flight path but that really depends on the lighting.

Last incident was I heard a bing on my rifle, but I didn't hear anything else or feel anything else, so i just yelled back that you hit my rifle. While I was yelling it out to him, I got flanked..Cause I have to stay in cover to think did i get hit? did he only got my rifle? then someone comes from the side and pop me.

How do you guys deal with this? I'm consider this a noob question since I didn't play that much yet, and this already happened a few times.

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