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Potential damage from airsoft.

Yup, and that's what I want.
I gotta say, if ASC users looked at my signature or learned a thing about me, it's that I DO know dogs well more than a little.
I didn't want to start a conflict with this topic, and I've gleaned already that the hardest airsoft isn't adequate, and I'm window-shopping a stronger air gun in case such happens again.
Back on topic, my vet niece is pretty sure the bunny would be put down because it's not a pet and its bones would be too fine to pin. The Animal Services rep who came out said he's seen bunnies worse off than what I surrendered, and they recovered.
Shayla isn't the kind to BS, and Animal Services may've been trying to console the surrendee. But I like hearing that maybe the lil thing might be okay.

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