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Get a legitimate pellet rifle and the ammo meant for hunting shit like squirrels. problem solved.

Originally Posted by Sequential View Post
Not too sure if a 495 FPS gun with a .22 at point blank will kill it... And will probably put the animal through much more pain. To end a living beings life, a real firearm would be needed.
Then you know nothing. You're probably the same type who'd try for headshots while hunting or advocate leg and arm shots be used by the police. Simple fact is, you're wrong and they are used quite often for small game hunting.

While most "Canadian tire" rifles at 495 fps are used for plinking and some hunters get higher fps for their purpose, the 495 fps rifles with the correct ammo are more than capable of taking small game such as rabbit, squirrel, coon and some even use it to deal with crow and chipmunk problems instead of hunting.
Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Like seriously dude. The incredible lack of common sense in the question could be scientifically investigated for evidence of a black hole.
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