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Potential damage from airsoft.

This is a really difficult question to ask, but my niece brought it to mind after I called her for advice this evening.
You see, Katie and I often foster rescue dogs, and twice now a foster has mauled a random animal in our back yard.
The first time was with one foster and a squirrel. When I found the squirrel it was still alive, but eventually died on its own while I was trying to get Animal Services to come get it.
I had a Dan Wesson CO2 airsoft revolver, and remember wondering if it would suffice to end the squirrel's suffering. I didn't try it in case all it did was cause more pain.
And just now another foster ravaged a bunny who is still very much alive, but badly mangled. Again, Animal Services is apparently on their way to take it from me.
But this poor thing is in a world of pain!
While talking with Shayla, my vet tech niece, she asked if any of my airsoft guns would end the bunny's pain. I replied that I'm sure it wouldn't, as these guns are designed to be safe to use, and not cause injury.
But now I'm wondering, might it work?
All my ammo is .20, and the guns have never been chronod.
Any advice?
And please hold back the insults and flaming. That this is happening has me close to tears. If Animal Services doesn't come soon, I dunno.
With the squirrel, they never did actually come.

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