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When I was living in Van and didn't have a car I managed to carpool with other players. This was back in the day of Op-For/BCAC.

One guy I carpooled with was from SFU doing a masters or something but I'm not sure if he plays anymore though or where he lives.

What I can try to recommend is maybe joining up the local forum if you haven't already (Lower Mainland Airsoft Group/LMAG) and seeing if people are arranging rides through that. You might have to get to a sky train station to meet up with them somewhere though. I once skytrained to Richmond at like 7 in the morning to catch a ride with someone going out to Panther and another time I went out to like Commercial Drive to carpool.

As for carrying your gear, preferably wear civvies and bring a large hockey or gear bag or something to hide your gear in and don't attract attention to yourself.
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