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whoever runs cameras, how do you protect your lens?

I have a contour HD, and I can mount it on my hat or goggles to capture gameplay. However, I heard a bunch of stories where people get their lens shot out, same with red dots, scopes. I usually use it for biking ever since some dumb ass truck driver drove into my bike lane and I got injured for a month. I didn't get his plate number so I bought a camera if anything like that happen again it would be tape..okay getting off topic here.

How do you guys protect your lens? For me they do sell a protector lens..but that price is just dumb for 2 pieces of plastic..$60bucks..that's like the price of a lens replacement.

When i'm playing a game, every shot that hit me close or far barely ever really hurt, or even hardly have a pinch..Only once in a while I get a hurtful hot gun on the field. Like last thusday night someone had a hot one at panther. So I'm not sure how much impact it would be if it does gets to the lens. It seems there is no bang bang rule here which is GREAT, leave that crap out..At the same time it might be a bit dangerous for a camera..I tend to be very unlucky at times.

During my games I do get shot in the head a couple of times, so I figure the chances of a BB hitting my lens is not all that low...
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