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Julian/Optix should be at RIP, think he still does AV, not sure. Should take a look at the AirsoftGear calender on facebook and maybe leave a msg about carpooling/AV on the event page for the coming RIP game.

If you do make it out to RIP, wear a hoodie or something with a bit of padding. Good chance you'll get a bleeder or two and some good welts even with it, lots of point blank engagements there. CQB at RIP is fun every once in a while, but I prefer outdoor games at Panther or Ambush more.

Check out the Omegaops or LMAG forums as well, they're local forums so would be better to ask about carpooling and related stuff there.

Panther also has rentals, so if you somehow make your way out there, you can rent a gun and gear and run with that until you get your own stuff.
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