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Thank you for the reply slodin!
Trust me, I've been looking at craigslist and kijiji daily out of pure obession! lol!

I thought UBC had their own airsoft group as well, as I know they have a paintball group.However, the website I found for them dates back to mid-2013, and doesn't seem like it's been updated anytime recently.

As an international student, I've learned to be greatful for what I have. Trust me, if I show up to RIP and a good soul lends me a springer, I'll be ecstatic! For the simple reason that any gun is better than no gun.

On that note, I've thought about buying a cheapo crossman MP9...I know (and I can't stress this enough) that everyone here avoids crossman like the plague. But would it be a good way to get a feel of the sport? The first couple of times at least?

I don't mind being made fun of for a couple of games
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