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I live in Surrey so panther is the way to go for me. I also made the switch from paintball to airsoft..Although the difference is airsoft doesn't hurt as much, cheaper, but hard as hell to rush since everyone could rain down 10+shots in one second..)

I never went to RIP yet cause my stuff are a little hot for CQC, I have only a pistol with 2 mags that qualifies, same goes with my friends. Having that said, I can't lend you anything cause I only have a pistol to use myself with only 1 extra mag. (I'm planning to go since night time was really hard for me, it takes me at least 5 mins to adjust and one flashlight can throw it off for another 5, which is also why I don't enjoy nighttime driving)

Try to find something on craigslist if nobody lend you anything. One of my friend was using my old spring pistol at panther few days ago at panther lol...that was all i could lend.

I thought UBC would have an airsoft group..since you guys are like a little town on your own lol...
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