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Smile New recruit checking in

Hey guys! I'm a UBC student getting into the hobby (I've already been bitten by the bug...) I have a couple of questions for all of you guys:
1) Are there any of you guys going out to RIP to play next week? Any AV'ers heading out to play? I ask because I have no experience with the sport itself (altough I've played paintball, woodsball to be precise), so I have no gun to take there and try out. I wanted to see if there were some members willing to give a new recruit some of their time.

2)I travel mostly by public transport, so fields such as panther and MRP are prohibitedly far away. I wanted to know if there are people to car-pool with a newbie to these far away fields? I know it's a huge thing to ask, but I know this community is very closely knit, so I figured I could ask.

3) Any UBC students that play airsoft semi-regularly? I would love to get in contact with y'all to get started.

As always, thank you for your time. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
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