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that is a good idea for holding more bbs in one load.
but something should be considered too, is that when you have more bb loaded, do you have enough gas/power source to run it? for the spring powered pump shot is fine, cause you don't have to worry about the gas, the power is coming from you, PUMP..... even if you get the AG gas stock, the most shots proved from RW in youtube video is around 80+ shots. (compare to real cap is equal to around 3 of a 30 shot mag)3 bbs each shot and totol is 240 bbs, that's one 250 round mid cap aeg mag, good or not good enough, it's up to you.
personal, the main reason I love marui m870 is that, gas powered, use shells (half realistic, half practical) that hold 10 shots each, also good in shooting range. especially the breacher, that will be my favorite one for cqb, indoor game, and outdoor secondary, using scabbard to holster it, perfect.
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