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M4 Mag to Shotgun Conversion?

I posted about this a while ago on Facebook and thought I'd get some feedback from you guys here. I've seen these on the field across Japan but not here in Canada where shotguns are plentiful and inexpensive ($70 for a tri-shot at several surplus shops). So you buy your shotgun, you have your one shell, you then buy another 3 shells... then another 3... then another 6 if the shop hasn't run out of stock (as they always do)... now you have a bajillion shells and 10 shots per.

Well, those shottys aren't exactly meant to be upgraded so 10 shots from a gun firing approx 270fps could certainly use an advantage or two on the field... and that's where this bad-boy comes in...

Convert NEARLY any M4A1 magazine into a compatible magazine for your M870/Super90/TriShot shotgun with the adapter! For those wondering, I'm -NOT- selling these here, sorry guys. Perhaps in the future but for now, just wanted to get some feedback, what do you think?

What the hell is that thing?....


However, there IS a small drawback... there is a bit of wobble side to side which is easily cured with plastic spacers. Here's a video showing how much wobble there is.

Thoughts? So far on Facebook we have people interested and 4 players who hate the idea. I think the quote was "What kind of asinine shotgun takes a f*cking magazine, that's ridiculous, those should be pre-banned from all milsims" Guess these boys haven't ever heard of a SAIGA.
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