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Originally Posted by Jo_Canadian View Post
Seems like a bit of a niche product but I wish you the best of luck man. Kind of thing might be worth looking into patenting.
tbh im surprised more people haven't been interested, I found reloading on the PDR without this piece completely hopeless.

The stock mag release is so stiff half the time it takes me 2 fingers together to push it in, and I used the gun in CQB and found it impossible to find the mag release in the dark with gloves on because the stock release sits flush with the body and isnt very textured.

i used it once in CQB then vowed never to use it there again until i could improve the current design, at one point i literally had to run away from a fight so i could find a light to stand under while i reloaded!

also, i know nothing about patenting... aren't the patents country specific?
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