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Hi All !tks for reply , due to my country is restrict us to have this airsoft gun , so what I can tell you is I'm from asia , sorry for it .
They said CAN but actually is nothing is fair and can do I feel sad and shame on our country .
Ok here is my mostly needed info is what kind or which type of gear box is good and lasting use for my m4 aeg , and this is the custom build in quietly , the price range is around middle up , and I also seldom play it too , maybe once a week , and shoot for 100 round per time , cos we really don have place for it , so just sneak around to play a while then pack it back .
Whats a pity huh no choice F T GOV .
Oh I can get most of the parts from hong kong , brand is king arms , madbull , magpul , d-boy , action , e&e , aps , army force , cyma , element , ks , system , vsr and well .
And one more is something more redwolf hk and hobbyking , that's all for me in the time been .
And one last thing is what is QD transform gear box ? is it the same like the old one ? and what type of metal body can fit it ?
There is always many question need to ask and sorry for your time to look at my noob question .

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