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Now, i bought the rifle at OHP Paintball from a retailer ( gonna not telling the name, all age verified know this store ) a ICS L85 Carbine for 458 $ ( including the 0.28 BB bag ).

Now, so i want to be sure my budget is right ? Here the opendocument file in a compressed zip to avoid stupidly outdated file extensions ( who ever thought adding a opendocument file there -.- ).

I was checking about googles and the only i know that will fit on my glasses are ESS LandOps and then i found at 40$ shipping included but it will arrive late before the next game this week.

About for batteries :

Rhino 2150mAh 2S 7.4v 30C Lipoly Pack 10,00 $x2
Charging Safety Bag 2,00 $
Connectors Banana to XT-60 3,00 $
LiPo Alarm Card 5,75$
XT-60 Plus Female and Male ( 5pc ) 4,00 $
IMAX B6 25,00 $
Power Plug 14,00 $

I think i should just take one battery instead of 2 batteries, any suggestions on this battery part ?

There comes the second part ( boots, slings ), i am sure there a few boots worth to have for years to come. Bates, 5.11 ? The rest ? No sure.
For slings, feel free to help me finding a 2 Point Sling.

For images :

Thanks for helping me finish the Airsoft Loadout,
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