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The reality is for the type of work they do and the speed they need, sometimes a ballistic helmet is not necessary. Ballistics weight a fair bit. On their own it wouldn't be a big deal but each oz and lb adds up and can slow you right down. From the front a ballistic helmet doesn't even cover the majority of your head. Depending on the likely round the enemy would be using, such as the ever so generic "AK", it would just rip right through a ballistic helmet. In effect - they are useless in a number of situations.

But, smashing your head into something is possible when in confined spaces, buildings, ship interiors, etc. I've hit my head at games and I'm not alone. My Ops Core has a massive gash on the top from an impact I took hitting my head on a steel beam. Had it been my skull instead of my helmet, I would have been a potential no duff right then and there.

You take that these guys are trying to clear through boats or buildings with unknown hazards, they still need something on their head. Protecs weight practically nothing, so they are an obvious choice, and why so many units from all over the world use them. You smash your head into something by mistake you aren't a casualty. They weight literally nothing but provide some good protection.

And if you drill them they still work with NVG's.

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