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Originally Posted by Detective Stone View Post
MILSIM, as a term, has become a marketing term for Airsoft events that is now unavoidable. You have to use it otherwise your game is seen as inferior in some respects - the term MILSIM has less to do with creating a military simulation and more to do with being a subtle suggestion that newbies should stay home...
...I think the first step in the right direction would be to not call these games MILSIM's and reserve the term for the most hardcore and dedicated events, but that isn't going to happen. Once you stop calling it a MILSIM the players that are attracted to those games that want to go the distance won't come because "it is not a MILSIM." Then all you are left with are the people who won't go the distance, and you end up with a worse problem than the one you started with.
That's one thing we should take away from the paintball world, is the differentiation between MilSim and Scenario Events.
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