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Magfed woodsball paintball vs airsoft

Hey guys,
I'm looking for some advice on the differences between both sports and which would best suit me.

I've done slot of research on both sports and I can see the obvious differences pros and cons etc. Lots of stuff online about airsoft vs paintball

I haven't found much info on mag fed woods ball compared to airsoft. Mag fed paintball seems to be on the rise and gaining a strong following.

First strike rounds seem like they are changing the game. Triple the distance and accuracy for the first time.

Ive played paintball and was turned off because of the super guns with more ammo than my whole rental group could carry. Mag fed changes that.

Anyway what I'm looking for in one of the sports

- Mature crowd (I'm in my 30s) no kids running around

- I'm not into hard core dress up or pretend. Scenarios sound amazing but I don't want to dress up as a real soldier or wear the fancy gear. No offence to anyone who does. Just not my thing. Basic camo Id be in for.

- I want to shoot people and work as a team

- realistic roles (no high caps for anything other than support players)

- a welcoming group. I dont know anyone else interested in joining. I'd go by myself.

- availability of games. A local paintball field is byop everyday and cheap! How often are there recreational games near the GTA?

- money isn't really an issue regarding the guns.

- big scenario ?

Any thoughts on which would be a better suit for me?

I wrote this on a tablet. I apologize in advance for the typos.

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