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I think there is nothing wrong with long duration games. milsim is intended to be a full emerssion into what it is to be in an actuall combat situation. The first 6-10 hours prety much serves to get you so burnt and stressed out that you want to give up. Then, and only then are you in a simaler mindset to what those in real combat deal with on the regular. This is when your team, and command plays a huge roll in keeping you motivated, showing you that little glimmer of hope that keeps you all pushing forward for the common goal, victory, not victory in the sence of winning (tho that is nice) victory in that everyone make it out together at the end, having overcome difficult odds in harsh conditions. Then gathering around at the end with good friends and foes and having some good stories to tell over a well deserved hearty meal and some recreational indulgence.
One of my first real events was a milsim, it was OP wearwolf. It was a bit of a cluster fuck, i wont get into it fully, those who were there know how it played out. But at the end of it all we sat around a big ole bonfire after a massive feast got a lil tipsy and told "war stories" well into the wee hours. Did we win, hell no, and it may have been designed that way, but one thing is for sure, at the end of it all both sides had fun working together and against eachother regardless of some questionable thing.
Kind of like art of war, after 32 hours there were some tough times on both sides, but we all played heard and for the most part had slot of fun doing it.
My vote is for 18-48 hours (tho we havent evolved to the 48 stuff quite yet, i can only think of a handfull of guys who could/would do that)
The main problem with milsim today (and i know im not that oldschool, but i did come in at a time when alot of the "old timers" were still around) is that far too many skirmishers sign up not fully aware of what they are in for.
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