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Originally Posted by Red Dot View Post
1. $40 bucks would be my sweet spot, less is better of course as a cheap bastard. Tentatively I'm trying to top at $30 which would include 2000 balls, and it would be the same price for reballers.

2. Sounds interesting, would be interested. Drive wise hopefully under 2 hours round trip. 2 hours would definitely be the expected limit for driving round trip. Hopefully car pooling would come into effect for that kind of a drive as well

3. Hell yes that sounds awesome especially if NVGs are already included however I would like to just use airsoft guns not paintball/reball stuff. Just sending feelers for mixing up caliber sizes, the NVG's would be rented at a modest fee with a credit card to hold them

Best of luck to you, I'm planning something of this nature in my area.
Any success I have I would definitely be willing to pass on to you or anyone else who has the idea.
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