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Smile Indoor AS Facility in Halifax NS, looking for helpful input...

Hey guys its me JK. Just a quick synopsis on me so you know where the hell I've been all season;
1. Decided to leave the military after 20(ish) years
2. Took my retirement posting and moved my family to Halifax in the beginning of September
3. Halfway through September my wife calved baby #6
4. My retired mom and step dad sold everything and moved to Halifax to be closer to me and their grand kids.

My last day as a soldier Jan 7' 2015. And I figure, do what you know so I want to open a year round indoor and outdoor airsoft, paintball (actually reball), and souped up laser tag business. I was wondering if any of u's could help a brother out by answering a few questions I have...

My vision is to have the complex cater to all 3 combat sports. The indoor venue will have modular walls and building so they can be re-arranged for special events, or scenarios. Paintballer's will only be able to use reball at the site, keeping their costs way down, and the mess way way down. The laser tag guns I plan to use are not what the local Halifax business is running, the guns we would like to front are from a company in Australia called Battlefield live. They have a selection of short range sub machine guns (mock p90), medium range rifles (aliens pulse rifle), and long range weapons (aliens pulse rifle on steriods). The system will have live feed back as the games and props will be set up to imitate battlefield co-op modes. I also plan to offer shooting and self defence classes, training, tactics, and procedures at the squad or section level. If everything would magically fall into place it would be a 80,000 SF year round, day and night, indoor and outdoor complex. It would cater its games to all age levels and all skill levels. and hell I would even let u rent the dam place just like a hockey rink. If the airsoft gods would will it.
I don't want everyone to cream their pants on the idea, because it's nothing more than an idea. But I have to push for input to get solids answers on the venture.
So without being ridiculous everyone who gives a shit about the potential of having a site like this answer these 3 questions;

1. How much money would you spend on for a full day of airsoft (about 8 hours of rotating through), not including the cost of bb's. Just the entry fee? How much money would you bring with you in your wallet when you left to play airsoft for 8 hours?

2. If you could play in a well structured, objective based airsoft league that runs from 7-12 pm on a Tuesday night, would you and 7 of your friends pay a league fee to play in it? How far would you drive to get to that place?

3. Would you play on a Sunday night, in complete darkness but have a military style NVG strapped on you face, where it didn't matter if you used reball or airsoft guns to combat each other?

Please give me 3 minutes of you time and answer those questions in a response below. Also anything that you deem pertinent information to the success of such a business, or potential contacts for people I should get a hold of, please let me hear about it.

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