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People keep bringing up that the missions may be too long and cite that people leave or stop fighting early. That's PART of the MILSIM. Look, if you want a proper milsim there is no respawn point at all. You show up, you get your mission file, and you try to carry it out; get hit pack your shit up and go home cause you're dead.

But that would suck when a game is supposed to fill up 18-24hr of game play and you get smoked an hour in.

Because we want to keep gaming you have respawns that simulate fresh reinforcements. SEND IN THE CLONES! But no matter how well equipped a military may be, reinforcements are not a constant and do diminish over time. Even gorilla/militia groups can't keep the bodies flowing and often these are countries where breeding is a requirement similar to taxes.

We also tend to forget that the majority of airsofters don't have gym memberships or know how to do a proper squat, pushup, or plank. So it is only natural that they thin out as the battle wears on for 18hrs. Even the fittest guys/gals out there are going to slow down after 3-4hr fire fighting; specially running back and forth respawning. Seriously, dying in airsoft is often the most taxing exercise you'll do all day; well if your plan is to get back into the fight right away.

Back in the Rawdon days one thing was clear, the game constantly needed to be changed as it progressed. The Organizers kept changing objectives as the day wore on; taking into account the number of people that were phasing from the bases to the camp/safe zones, where firefights were never ending, which objectives showed stalemate, and then plugging that all together to inspire forces to relocate, reorganize, and assault the shit out of something else. Letting a firefight last for half the day on ONE objective is not conducive to inspiring those retreating from the heat and exhaustion at the camp area to get back in the fray. Accept that the one side has held this spot long enough that they are unlikely to be pushed out shortly and change their objective so that holding that position is now counterproductive to them! Bam; now that hornets nest you been trying to sneak into, is buzzing up a shit storm.

The real world doesn't have a pause button, game shark, or cheat sheets to configure any battle to go any way or the other; with the exception of precision artillery, airstrikes, and CAS, that is all hand of god shit right there! It will not matter the length of the game, even pushing through a FULL 24hr of stale no contact, no movement, no comms game can have it's merit. But it's when shit goes sideways do the war stories you remember get written.

Best game ever was half our OWN team took off and left a force of us outnumbered 4-1; ammo became a big concern there! And we had to hold a base OP while what was left of the team scouted out and hit other objectives; because if we lost the base it was game over, if we didn't hit the other objectives it was just a slow death loss.

Speaking of ammo; it seems strange to me for organizers to impose field ammo only, and want people ready for 24hr of fighting. The course can be so different for different roles. A RECCE team can show up with 3 mags and have plenty to spare; but when the situation goes sideways that can change FAST! But every time I saw this I noted that it became clear that the ammo would not last; specially when you have a few SAWs kicking around. Nothing worse than the game comes to a grinding halt because you can't engage because the ammo is gone half way into the game.

Weight and type restrictions always made sense though; as that's simple for anyone to know in advance and make quick tuning adjustments to hop-ups and such to use the requested ammo.

No Milsim is a proper game with out a massive bon fire with beer flowing the night before followed by a massive BBQ and additional beer flow at game end. Full stop, that's a rule, not accepting this is like suggesting Bacon is not a food group!

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