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Buyers beware!
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Darkworxs m9

Darkworxs is rebranded as a knockoff kjw gbb I bought a darkworxs Usp compact from recently and did a bit of research on it and talked to milsig themselves and they did say that it works but in the future will end up breaking down on you sadly but I'm an experienced tech and actually almost had a job with milsig as an airsoft tech until I got a job in my hometown that I couldn't pass up since I applied and handed in a resume like 5 times but either way I hope it works out for you and all the information I gave you helps because everything I just said is what milsig told me exactly what they told me I have been play airsoft since I was like 9 and I'm 19 now so yea I can do almost any modifications that I please now so yea hope it works out.
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