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How many Games have you Played ?

Can you believe a newer player asked me that today and I giggled at first and before answering asked him to go first. 8 games he said, well I may have you beat there. I played 8 games at splatters indoor before my first outdoor game at DeadLands in January of 2005, -35*C at night during a snow storm. But how many have I played since. You know I'm old and it gets blurry but the last time I played was Last November and it was with my old Team mates and our Children and their friends. I'm not dodging the Question but it takes longer to count than I had expected. The Pictures and Video's help. In One Vid Scarecrow calls me a "Fkn Prick" for not going to WP Primary for the Forth Year in a row. and I regret missing those games more and more now.
Ten years of Airsoft how many games have I played?
I'll work on it but in the mean time, how many games have you played?

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