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I put this notice at the beginning of the event page for my next large game. It's a summary of my feelings on the topic.

"Milsim; a dirty word for an organizer. Milsim is an aspect brought to the game by the players themselves. The host exists to create the*situation and the players exist to deal with that situation. I believe that HOW they do it is up to them and I never waste my time enforcing a 'milsim' approach... I simply arrange games to allow the teams with the better leadership and organization to dominate."

Basically, you want milsim? Bring it with you. It comes from the players to act as a unit. The host can only provide a field and scenario. Anyone who bitches about not having enough milsim from hosts isn't looking at the players.

I am not going to tell people how to act in a game as a host. If they want to dress like Rambo and run around with a nerf knife I'm just as fine with that as I am with seeing a uniform unit with organized fire teams out there.

Just, you know, the team that works better together tends to rule.

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