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Hrmm. So really to sum a lot of this up the onis really sounds to fall back on the host and their staff.

Being a vet of many 18hr sims a lot of them did feel like they fizzed out of story line and objectives around the 8-10 hour mark. Obviously there is the select few games that continued to bring the awesome all through out. Kudos to fuzzhead and the thamesville games for that.

Maybe hosts should start small in relation to length and focus on keeping players busy before trying something longer. It would actually probably build a good returning player base as well.

Fuck a lot of good reads in here though. Heres to the rest of 2014 onto 2015 in hopes that games stop plateauing.

My opinions are also limited to Ontario games but i think the lack of hosts has a lot to do with it. I think we maybe have 5-6 people hosting regular skirms and maybe less for the more reputable milsims.
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