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Originally Posted by docholiday View Post
Athena II was 20 hours and an absolutely awesome game with everybody (or close to that) fighting till the end.
This game was fantastic because objectives were going right up until the end.
Fuzzhead and game control put effort into this game and it showed.

That game is a perfect example that if you keep the players engaged in anything, (regardless of the player pool) they will stick it out right til the end.

Alot of hosts will do a 24 hour game, the first 8 hours will be a milsim, the rest ends up being a skirmish, and then they wonder why players dont stick around until the end. lol.

12 hours, 24 hours, it doesnt matter, aslong as there is effort put into the game.

I lean towards 24 just because alot of us dont like the idea of driving 3 + hours for a 12 hour game. But depending on the game and host that doesnt matter that much.
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