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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
Lets face it - its no mystery that 18 hour milsims seem to be too long for the average shooter.

I'm also hard pressed to believe that those who are the drivers stay up all night without catching 40 winks at some point - and when you do the math, that can take numbers out of the game for however long.

Also - for the hardcore roughnecks who give it their all, all night long - nothing is more frustrating than finding someone to actually shoot when you're on the prowl and 'aint shit in sight.

Which leads me to my overall question which might help some hosts out(to which there are few these days!! I really miss some of the older ones, but that's a different subject all together)

How long should a milsim be? What would work better for people?

I've been to 12 hour milsims that were near flawless, it was brilliant. Im all for it and it prevents a lot of the mishaps and drop outs and any of the other shit that comes with 18hr or longer. IMO

Feel free to discuss and talk shop.
So many variables, and people attend milsims/mil-skirms with varying degree of motivation, and levels of preparedness.

My own level of experience is admittedly, greatly limited. Trying to last the full term of the event, has been the goal itself, for myself, with varying degrees of success, the past ~2 years attending a handful of events.

In that limited experience, i'd say 12 hours is my own limit - with rest, or not.

I've seen others, in much better physical condition, "Live fast and die young" very early into the game - whether through not pacing themselves, or simply not being prepared for the conditions.

The two mil-skirmish events i attended this year - I had a great time.. but there were limitations in relation to length of event.

The first - Op: No Nods - I simply crashed and burned after being more or less up for 22 hours at around the 05:00 hrs mark (including travel time to Picton), and getting ill in the process. I discovered in this Op, that an 18 hrs event is simply not realistic _for me_. Others burned out, far far earlier. If i'd stayed longer, i would have been getting home Sunday evening, instead of late Sunday morning - thank goodness, for the relatively quiet roads to get back home on, in order to crash in my own bed.. I ain't been that tired since driving down to South Carolina in a single 16 hr stretch, and that was almost 20 years ago..

The second - Op: Niagara - even given that i severely fucked one of my legs up (even more) in a trip and fall 20 minutes into the game, was a much more realistic goal to attain at ~12 hrs duration, albeit at reduced engagement. Much closer to home to drive somewhat tired and beat-up also, once all was said and done.

As said, it all comes down to highly individual circumstances, preparedness, capabilities, and personal commitment and mindset to see things through.

While i will likely always be pretty much a once a month skirmisher, for the milsim/mil-skirmish style events that i will occasionally attend in the future, 12 hours appears to be the sweet spot.

I will never be hardcore milsim material.

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