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There are some great points here, but it all comes down to two things; the complexity of the game, and the attendees.

First of all, a 24 hour, or endurance game, is for players who want that experience. Stop inviting people who quit. The best games I attended were invite only. If you're going to have an open invitation game, make sure to outline the expectations of the players. If you show up to someone's game for just a short stint, and then you and your group leave, possibly unbalancing the game, then I'd be sure to never invite you back again. Even a game that has some kinks in it can be saved by the players rolling with the punches. It can be the best or worst planned op in history, but having the right type of players out there is what will make or break it. Who's been to a half assed op and had a great time? Who's been to an extravagantly planned one that ended up ruined by just a few bad apples? Often times focus and herding is an issue at larger/longer ops. It can often be better to limit the total amount of players. I'm just sayin', it's hard to corral three-hundred people in the right directions all the time.

Secondly, plan for multi-objectives, and things to fight over. A single piece of land should never be the games prime objective, or as mentioned above, it all turns into a skirmish. Key capture points are great from a tactical standpoint, but people and objects to hunt for are better. You can accomplish this with intel throughout play. And of course, always have a backup set. Sometimes one group gets traction early and may run over the opposition. If all relative objectives are finished early, have a plan to move on. Plan your game from daylight to daylight times. Starting a game at night only works if it is strictly a night game. People get mentally prepared to do sims, especially endurance ones. If your game starts around dinner time, the human body is already in shutdown mode. They're getting hungry, tired, their bodies are exhausting heat, etc. Have the fight on well before this happens to keep people rocking all night. Also plan for possible breaks or lulls, just in case some people do need some shuteye. Give your players a reason to pick a fight with the opposing team. Give the other team a truck or something, and tell the opposing team they can have it if they can take it. You want these two sides to not want to leave each other alone. Midnight hits while they try and rack up, or scouting and raids can be great ways to keep up the competition level. Prizes for winning battles would work too. Don't raffle that shit off afterwards, give it out to a team that accomplishes something. "If you boys can capture X by midnight, then hot dogs for your squad...

Other things to consider like, where is the op being held? Some places aren't good for long periods, others aren't good for at night, and others can be quite grueling or dangerous. Have food, water, and ammo available for purchase. Players and teams do forget things, it does happen. However, the most hardcore of hardcore won't make it far without those things, abd it won't matter if their home is two hours, or twenty hours away; they'll be leaving. Admin strength is key as well. Be prepared to deal with the bad types quickly and efficiently. A few assclowns can ruin it for everyone else. Make sure your admins are fair and sportsmanlike minded, but also have their ass kickin' boots tied up tight. On that note, don't be afraid to ban players and teams from returning, especially those with a shitty history. There are teams out there, that I won't mention on here, that people will avoid. "If they're going, then we aren't"; sort of thing. If your running the game, then have your people devided into both sides a little to keep players and the game focused.

There's several other things to consider, but I'll leave you all with this one. If you don't intend on playing through, then do not attend to begin with. Endurance games are for people who want that sort of thing. "Also, if people are supposed to be hunting/fighting you, abd you're in your car in the safe area sleeping, then you're a complete $&@#%, abd should have your eyes gouged out!"


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