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people need to define milsim better...

What constitutes milsim to folks?

unit based deployment and tactics in force on force engagements, where you live and die by squad tactics? with organized squad structures and comms and chain of command? With limitations on uniform and gear, rules for fire discipline, etc.


highly thought out choose your own adventure type logic immersion scenarios that unfold differently depending on objectives failed or achieved, based on strict role playing RoEs, that also require strict chain of command, unit deployments etc that may or may not result in force on force action depending on how your commanders choose to play their game?

cause those are 2 different types of military styled simulation, and it seems that people both outside that spectrum and inside aren't clear on what is what.

I've encountered players who say the latter is a bunch of bullshit so the former must be as well.

On the other hand you have players saying the latter is just skirmish.

I see 3 pretty distinct categories here.

Guys who skrim will probably like milsim combat... but maybe they don't care for playing roles in a scenario. Guys who like to play a role and fire maybe 3 shots in 24 hours might not like running around rolling in muck to get those kills and reloading lots.

Guys who play the more shooting style are likely not going to last longer because they're exerting a lot more energy with more action, whereas guys who play the scenario sims will have more energy because they're not running around for most of the duration of the game.

They're different. People like variety.

Game organizers should be more clear on what they're presenting to gather the proper playerbase for their games.

Players should understand what they're signing up for and not piss off halfway through a set hour commitment. You sign up for a 12 or 18 hour game... make sure you account for the before and after logistics of the game weekend. It doesn't mean you fuck off at hour 18-X because you have to drive home or because you're losing. Account for those hours and deal with it.

Honestly I don't believe it's an issue with game length. There are plenty of players in the community that demonstrate they can last x hours + whatever it takes to get to and from the field.

It's a problem with organizers and players with the wrong expectations because of poor planning or poor commitment due to poor planning.
I futz with V2s, V3s and V6s. I could be wrong... but probably, most likely not, as far as I know.

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