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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
Truth be told - I feel its the night time where things begin to fall apart

RIP Jaguar Kings & Wolfpack games!
The old ops at WP Primary were more MilSim than the more recent 18-24hr sims.
WP Primary Played well into the night and thru to Morning hours. Celebrating in true Military fashion with war stories Booze and Spray-Bombs. What's missing from the recent games is the hours of Camaraderie. Real team building is helping your opponent back to his Hooch after Bears, Beers, beerzz beer and Chili farts gone wrong. Start 830 game over at 430-500 Dinner roast and then fire lights 830-900. War stories till Drunk or dawn what ever comes first. The AARs on Monday are full of Legends.
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