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Last Deadfall was 24 hours and saw almost nobody dropping out despite ridiculous amounts of rain. Deadfall next weekend is once again 24 hours, and I doubt we will see many if anybody leaving early.

Art of War was 30 hours last year and once again not many people dropped and it was an amazing game.

Athena II was 20 hours and an absolutely awesome game with everybody (or close to that) fighting till the end.

Ofcourse these are long durations but if you have a team of 30 players on each side, take turns sleeping, that is what makes a milsim so exciting by adding a resource management component.

So how long should a milsim be? It is up to the host. Offering milsims with different durations is probably best, this allows everybody to go to an event that suits them. One weekend I have lots of time so I want to go to a long game, one weekend I have less time so I want to go to a shorter game.

I don't think there is a best duration. Every players milage may be different depending on the weekend.

Personally, from past experience, I like 18 hour or longer milsims. Commutes to most games are long and I don't want to drive 3 hours for a short game. Plus I want to play a decent amount during the day and a decent amount at night. So overall I prefer the longer games that make a trip worth it and fill a weekend that is dedicated to airsoft with lots of game time. That being said, sometimes a short 8 hour milsim can be just as awesome as a 24 hour one.

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