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Great that you enjoyed your first day out. I guess you figured out pretty fast that airsoft isn't like shooting real guns and accuracy is totally different more akin to muskets or paintball. This is why I'm a big proponent of renting your first time out that way you can kind of figure out what works for you and what doesn't.

I see you're still in the "I don't want an AR or AK" camp, but if you think it works for you then you do your own thing. Honestly I have no idea what's good in terms of developments after 2013-ish because I've been "chairsofting" for like 2 years but ICS and CA are solid brands, as for the Tar-21 Umarex/Ares is alright, I don't have the greatest opinion of them but they're alright (BTW S&T is an offshoot of ARES, not sure how it worked but AFAIK they used to be the same company but split off into 2 separate companies just like KSC and KWA).
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