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Hai, i am back and age verified as now.

As i could or couldnt tell, but rental AK at Red Devils. They shoot too wide for i could hit someone even at a barn. Anyway, it was tiresome lugging my rental gun anywhere. I belive i shouldnt skipped my leg work.

And as far i could think, there 3 guns i think i would love to have as my first starter gun :

- ICS L85 A2 Full Sized Metal ( i found at online retailer but they arent in stock, so even out of stuck they could be maybe ordered ).
- Classic Army Steyr AUG A2 Proline in stock.
- Tar-21, no sure which brand i can trust on it since i hear there massive trificera of massefuckery.

I got free full BDU, some free goodies at Red Devil Airsoft and it happen to be fitting me exactly ( small size ).

What you are thinking ? Or i should create a thread in Age Verified section ?

Thanks in advance ( sorry for being too polite here ).

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