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Originally Posted by LimaCharlie View Post
New to airsoft here! I'm 18 going on to 19 looking to get some advice regarding airsoft topics!
Currently a student living in B.C! I'm trying to get age verified right around too already PMed the AV'er in my area

- I've got about $400 - $550 that I want to start with and get into airsoft would this be good amount to get me started with a decent aeg, gear and to learn the game?
- Seen reviews and read the faqs up top saying that the Tokyo brand is a good brand but honestly a little bit too expensive for me, does anyone have any recommendations on airspft guns that are good out of the box?
- Prefering maybe an AK style airsoft gun but I've seen a thread about the G and G raider-L and panther has a good price on it . Would you recommend the raider as a starter gun?
- Been in the team section for B.C but I'm still not quite clear on some things such as where exactly is the panther airsoft field ? (Found the address to the shop though)
- Other then LMAG are there any other big airsoft groups in the Vancouver area?
- Any big groups around the Burnaby area? Or rather any airsoft groups at SFU? Cus I know UBC has one.
Will you be playing outdoors or indoors mostly?
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