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How do I know how much gas is left in a mag?


I bought a KJW M9, with a metal slide and this is my first airsoft pistol. Upon reading maintenance for general use of gas pistols, it's advised to keep some gas in the mag. (green gas, or silicone propane) But not at a full charge..

The mags I have are fresh and new, so I charged them about 3seconds, and shot around 10bbs from each to test fire for feeding and blow back features. I'm using silicon oil + propane to fire my pistol. (I have a small backyard, so I decided to stop since it's really easy to spot me shooting, and inside the building is a nono for the propane mag, it smells)

Upon reading that post, I'm suppose to leave a tiny amount, but how much is "tiny"? and how would I know how much to leave it at since I have no idea how much gas it's left in the mag.

any input would be great.
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