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-Hey guys I just read everyone's comment before I said a few words in the game Forum (didn't know which forum to write in)..... I just want to thank each and every one of you... you have no idea how much it means to me that everyone cares and tries to help each other out if shit like this happens to them... Support like this makes me appreciate this sport more and more knowing that everyone stands behind each other and helps each other out... Also I honestly can't describe how grateful I am Red Dot that you'd suggest pitching donations to help us out...thank you so much...As for the person who pinched our bags or even took them by mistake.. if they were to fess up doing it and gave everything back I honestly wouldn't be mad because at the end of the day myself and Tim have all of my stuff back... Tim and I dealt with his phone though the next day in terms of locking out the stolen one and getting him a replacement because for his work he needs one... Delta... I just want to say again x1000 thank you so much my friend for doing all you could have done in the early morning helping us out...You make me want to go to all of your games man haha.... That being said regardless of this situation our team had an amazing time playing and we will continue going to PRZ games and big events however we may have to start locking up our gear in the cars kind of thing..

-Also to note I agree with everything you said there Delta.. And Red Dot.. once again my friend, I can't thank you enough for helping us out and supporting us and offering to donate...

-My personal belongings in my bag included (BAG, 8 WE Open bolt gas mags (brand new).. CAD PAT jacket, personal jeans and clothes, 3 propane tanks + 2 adapters, 3 green gas containers, 2 goggles, two 5,000 bb bags not opened, gloves, shimogs, CAD PAT boonie Hat). CAD PAT bag itself has 1 broken buckle on the main support strap... That's my bag's description.

-Tim's Bag included, batteries, chargers, cell phone, bag, brand new ever used Kryptic Camo.. those are the main items he told me were in there, I'm assuming there's more...

So hopefully those two bags will turn up because there were a lot of stuff in them.

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