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This situation actually really depresses me. It was a smallish game with the vast majority of people being either known, have come out to my games before, or people already know each other. There were only a handful of names I don't recognize, and new players who haven't been out to this event before. I had a chance to spend 5-10 minutes talking with most of the guys I haven't seen before and they all seemed to be people of good character. They all seemed like people I would really like to play with.

And then some shit gets stolen.

It ruins it for everyone. Everyone. It's a game built on trust and friendship - and Airsoft doesn't work when you don't have these two things. Having something stolen is so fundamentally destructive to the entire process that it can completely ruin everything. If you can't trust the guys you are playing with to not steal your backpack of magazines or your gun, why are you playing with them? Why are you driving 3-4 hours to hang out with these dudes? It really upsets me.

I did a headcount of who was still on the field to see if anyone had left early. Almost every single person was still on the field or in their cars sleeping. I got a chance to check most peoples cars on their way off the field or while they were packing up. While I didn't get a chance to look inside every car I got the vast majority of them. That bag is long fucking gone.

To the person who has it:

If you have the bags, I don't care of what was the reason. Accident or you actually stole it. Whatever. Message me and lets get these things back to the proper owners. Police won't be involved, I won't spread your names to other hosts, get you banned from events or the community. It'll just be an accident, grabbed the wrong bag by mistake. The most important thing is getting the phone that was in the bag back to its owner, since his entire life is on it.

Originally Posted by Wardlord View Post
Does anyone have info on the guy who showed up selling gear out of a white pick up truck? He wasn't part of the game and as far as I know, he showed up unannounced.
I spoke with Tim - It's a local guy who just got deals on a bunch of cheap shit and tries to peddle it at games. He doesn't have a business or anything, he just tries to make a buck. He shows up sometimes unannounced at games there - and it works. I know somebody bought Knee Pads from him, and I can imagine him making a killing if he gets inside a major event.

That said Tim says that, yeah, he is a little bit sleazy but he's not sure if he would pinch peoples stuff. I gave Tim a general description of the backpack so if this guy shows up next weekend at a Paintball event and suddenly has those types of bags in stock we know.
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