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Exclamation Call to the community, help correct a wrong...

Hello ASCers,

This weekend I was at Operation Operator 2 at PRZ, great game put on by Deltastone. However I started this thread to help out some fellow airsofters that had gear stolen at the event.

Two players from Tombstone Recon had their fully packed bags stolen sometime at night, containing gas mags, new camo, a cellphone and other belongings. Deltastone took charge and was screening vehicles that left the event after it was discovered they were missing but nothing turned up. The whole event took a downturn after that, being such a small and tight-knit community it really made all of us feel bad. I personally was passed out in my tent from heatstroke and had all my gear less then 30 feet from where their gear was stolen so I could have easily been a victim as well.

To help out these guys I am offering $50 bucks towards them to replace their gears and I would encourage all of you to give what you can, this is a rare event and instead of feeling bad for these great guys I want them to get back on their feet and know we have their back.

Hopefully they jump on this thread and comment, and also to leave an email so I know where to send my money. Also if anyone at the event knows anything you can PM me in confidence if you don't want to post up on the forum. Also, if anyone remembers a dude selling equipment out of his pickup earlier in the day please let us know who this individual is.
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