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Originally Posted by Willg48 View Post
Basically I'm very knew to airsoft and I don't know what aeg is good for the 200 dollar range. I currently just only play with friends outdoors so the gun would have to have good range and a fast bps. I don't want to spend money on sights and major accessories so it would have to be a low maintenance and well rounded gun. Thanks guys. Btw I'm buying from
If you play even semi-regularly, low-maintenance gun and higher performance (either FPS or BPS) at $200.00 range, does not really compute.

Gun prices have come down considerably, but overall reliability, respective manufacturer/reputation + mid-range performance, still has a cost of more than $200.00, IMHO.

Otherwise, Cyma now, and start banking money for upgrades for it in the future .. or save your money for a little bit more and go King Arms, if M4 is your style.

Might find something closer to your expectations that's been 'tuned-in', in the buy/sell section, if you age-verify.

Especially going with Toronto Airsoft - good luck with that after-sales support if it fails even very prematurely.
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