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Yes I also used them for a bit too, although I think I paid more like $10 a bag. Fed fine in my KSC Glock 19 GBB (this one can be finnicky with ammo) and in all 3 of my other rifles.

Like I said, a majority of it is trying to establish a namebrand and a segment in the market. Running with the bikes example from above, Cannondale is a big name but it's parent company also OEM's for GT Bikes and Iron Horse. Same factory, maybe slightly different geometries, groupset, experience levels (eg. Walmart special vs mid end vs pro sponsored carbon) and markets but at the end of the day a bike is a bike. With the above example I don't know how it works exactly because there's only so many build factors you can have in a BB. As long as it's smooth/polished with no seams, feeds fine and flies straight then it's all good.
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