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Check out the smaller computer sales stores. There is usually a stock of keyboard duster on hand, same price as the larger chains, just find them and it, check the ingredients. 90% of my duster (when I bought it, before propane) came from this type of store, a small computer sales/upgrade type business. Also look into places such as Future Active and other electronics type stores for it, but ask for electronics freeze spray or something along those lines. It's used to rapidly cool down things such as CPUs to try to detect heat related problems. The freeze spray tends to be tetraflourothane as well, just the way you load your mags is different. Where with duster you hold the can upside down to get the liquid in the mag, the freeze spray you hold right-side-up. Duster spits out in a pressurized vapour, freeze spray spits out in a cold liquid. Same shit, but duster has no internal tube, where freeze spray has a tube like spray paint that loads from the bottom instead.
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