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I agree with Drake. There's too many variables on too many guns to stop people from cheating in this way. Chronographing exists for only a few reasons. For starters, all guns can be tagged. Which means you've physically seen every gun to come through. No one can claim that they chrono'd a gun that doesn't have a tag, after being caught cheating. Secondly is to check that each gun is capable of shooting appropriately. This will eliminate any guns that just run hot no matter what you do. There's a few more, but between gas expansion, hop-up adjustments, and switching ammo weights, there's just too many variables. I run a gun that I can switch out ammo weights without significantly increasing joules up or down. But certain gas systems cannot. An AEG shooting a 0.20g BB at 400 FPS may shoot a 0.25g BB at 360 FPS. With a gas gun you might get 400 FPS on a 0.20g but then get 395 FPS on a 0.25g. This is just for muzzle velocity, and not for BB weight or joules necessarily. The most effective method of chronographing would be joules over FPS, because that is relative to all things. However, not all gas platforms will behave the same way.

However you slice it, I believe that all players must chrono with the same weight and brand of BB. So essentially the game host must supply, but at least you have a solid base to start. Another thing I believe is to have a hard cap and a soft cap. The soft cap is your velocity and energy goal, and the hard cap is the concrete end of the line. So if 400 FPS, or 1.48j, is your goal with a 0.20g, then you have a 20 FPS safety window, bringing your hard cap to 420 FPS, or 1.64j. So this allows for temperature change, as well as those guns that can't find a happy medium. So if your AEG is tested with a 0.20g and shoots 402 FPS, you're fine. But if it shoots 421 FPS, your are not under any conditions allowed to field that gun. Also, the hard cap applies all day, and players are responsible for their guns behaviors. So if at 09:00 AM, it's 15•C out, and your GBBR chrono's 418 FPS on a 0.20g BB, and you expect it to hit 25•C by noon, it's no good. So if they can get it shooting 395 or 400 FPS, then you've given them a 20 FPS safety window.

As has been said above, zero tolerance. Yes a player can lie about weight, or swap springs, etc, but you could still figure it out by chronoing him after a complaint. If they are caught, ban them. After the first one or two guys get permanently axed, most of the others willing to break the rules won't.

I like Thunder's idea, but you cannot enforce BB weight past the chrono phase. Not to mention, players should be able to switch it up. There's only one surefire way to stop dangerous guns. By the way, safety and sportsmanship are the whole point of chronographing pre-game, not to catch cheaters. Cheaters are caught after the fact. If I was concerned about any gun during a pre chrono, I'd ask them to chrono with a 0.20g, a 0.25g, and a 0.30g, just to see the guns behaviour. Seriously though, chrono 0.20g and 0.32g, one right after the other. With a hard cap on FPS and joules, you can't go wrong. BB weight of any kind must fall within the appropriate limits. If buddies WE M4 Open Bolt shoots 399 FPS on a 0.20g and 391 with 0.32g, then guess what? He has to downgrade to play; period. If someone switches out parts or changes adjustment on the field, then you'd have to catch them during play regardless. Spot checks anyone? I like admins who keep their armbands in their pouches until they need them, and have chrono's only a radio away. Ask the player to put his gun down until a chrono arrives. He can't switch magazines or adjust anything. If he refuses, he's banned. It's pretty simple.


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