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Originally Posted by FirestormX View Post
(you could chrono at any weight, since it's just one variable in a formula).
It's only one variable in a basic formula, but doesn't account for the fact heavier ammo could result in higher muzzle energy

Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
If it were me I'd have everyone chrono with .25s to make sure they were all 1.48J At least be in the middle of the weight variances to get a closer reading of what the gun is really outputting... since most people use .25s anyways.
Except I'd do it with .25 indoors and .28s outdoors for the same reasoning

Chronoing on .20s, then switching to .30s could account for a .3j (~50fps) variance, sometimes more.

No, you can't trust everyone to be truthful about the ammo they're using at chrono, but if you chrono them all with heavier weights, we at least know as fact that joule creep generally swings one way.
So although some guns do have more muzzle energy shooting .20s than shooting .30s, an argument can be made that even if they're 20fps over on the .20s it's irrelevant since the light ammo slows down much faster than heavy ammo.

So really, it makes the most sense to chrono with the most popular ammo for that particular game. Usually either .25s indoors or .28s outdoors.
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