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Hardcorps lost their field because the landlord gave the property over to his son who declined to continue the lease.

Any of the games I attended there were run well with clear guns not in use and a few times a year a mass of Calgary and Vancouver players would drive up for the weekend. Any of the AARs were positive. It may have death spiraled after the word got out it was closing.

It was a very large field with a CQB city and other scattered structures including some two story ones and functioning doors laid out over challenging terrain.

Due to the proximity they had a good base from Penticton and Kelowna was near enough that the group there would make it a regular drive and pay to play vs. a "free" field.

I'd make a 2 hour drive and bypass free fields and Kamloops area players would drive 3 hours each way instead of hitting nearer spots.

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As long as the field BBs aren't mandatory you'll do lots of sales as many players don't order online or stock up. As soon as you make buying them on site mandatory a rule you're going to have an issue with any serious player. Full stop say no more.
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